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Love Your Life After Divorce Program

In just 3 short months, you will feel so much better and be well on your way to having a life that feels free, joyful, peaceful, and secure.

Through weekly coaching sessions, brief value packed videos, and simple transformative worksheets, you will heal and grow in ways you never realized you could.  

Each month, we will work on a critical step in the process of becoming more aligned with your true self, healing from your past, and creating the life you deeply desire. 

Step One:


Make peace with your past

In this initial step, you will process the grief of losing your ex and your marriage. You will learn how to forgive your ex and yourself so you can move forward with peace and clarity.

Step Two:

Return to Yourself

Throughout these 4 weeks, you will build self-love, self-compassion, self-awareness, and self-trust. When you stand firm in who you are and trust yourself, you will be capable of handling anything life throws at you. When you have your own back, you will stop doubting yourself, questioning your past decisions and being fearful about the future.

Step Three:

Claim and Create Your Ideal Future

During this exciting and final step in the program, you will clearly visualize your future and set your intentions to create the best years of your life. You will feel more stable, independent, sure of yourself, and optimistic. 

Schedule your FREE Clarity Call

We'll meet over Zoom and I'll give you your next step to heal and move on after divorce.

We'll also decide whether you're a good fit for my 3-month program.

What My Clients Say


"I love the coaching sessions the most because weekly talks keep me focused on the goal. The videos are also good because they go deeper after a session. I feel calmer. Every aspect of this course has helped me. I have had many breakthroughs during this time and it was nice to have Angie there to help me reflect and move forward."

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