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My 12 Week Program


Give yourself the gift of working with me for 3 months and it will be one of the best decisions you ever make. If you use the concepts and tools I teach you, I have NO DOUBT that your life will be transformed.

You will receive weekly videos teaching you tools and concepts that may just blow your mind. Along with the videos, you'll receive simple, yet profound worksheets designed to help you dig deep and understand yourself in a way you never have before. Through weekly 1 on 1 coaching, I will help you find your inner strength, build confidence, find lasting peace, and create the abundant life you've always wanted! 

Each month, we will work on a critical step in the process of becoming more aligned with your true self, envisioning and creating the life you deeply desire. 

Step ONE:


Return to Yourself

You spent so many years caring for your kids and trying to meet your husband’s needs that you’ve lost sight of who you are at your core, as a unique woman.

During this first month of the program, I will guide you to reconnect with yourself in a deep way and recover your authentic self that was lost or pushed to the side during your marriage. This foundational step will ground you in who you are and allow you to move forward with confidence so you can continue to become the most aligned and authentic version of yourself. Throughout these 4 weeks, you will build self-love, self-compassion, self-awareness, and self-trust. When you stand firm in who you are and trust yourself, you will be capable of handling anything life throws at you. When you have your own back, you will stop doubting yourself, questioning your past decisions and being fearful about the future.

Step TWO:

Make Peace with Your Past

You may be carrying guilt, shame, anger, or resentment from your marriage and divorce. During this step of the program, we will peel back the layers to understand where those feelings are coming from and reveal what those emotions are creating in your life. You will be able to release those negative, unhelpful emotions as we “rewrite” your past. You will learn how to forgive yourself and your ex, so you can move on with freedom, peace, and contentment.


Claim and Create Your Ideal Future

During this exciting and final step in the program, you will clearly visualize your future and set your intentions to create the best years of your life. You will feel empowered when you understand that the future is your property, and you have everything you need to create the life you’ve always dreamed of. By the end of this step in the program, you will feel more stable, independent, sure of yourself, and optimistic. You will have clarity moving forward and will be well on your way to building an abundant life after divorce.

What My Clients Say


"I love the coaching sessions the most because weekly talks keep me focused on the goal. The videos are also good because they go deeper after a session. I feel calmer. Every aspect of this course has helped me. I have had many breakthroughs during this time and it was nice to have Angie there to help me reflect and move forward."

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