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Abundant Life
after Divorce

You tried for years to be happy and content in your marriage. You told yourself that it was good enough and that it could definitely be worse. Maybe you stayed as long as you did for the kids and to keep the family together. Maybe you kept thinking that your husband would really change, and your relationship would get better.

As the years rolled by, you became a shell of your true self, going through the routines of life without much joy or passion. You wrestled with the notion that this was just as good as life was going to get. Then, you realized that you were never going to have the love and connection you longed for with your husband. Even though you had tried for so long to make it work, you and your ex were just simply not the right match.

So, you made the difficult and brave decision to get a divorce. Now, you’re simultaneously terrified and excited. You want to have a life filled with joy, love, and peace, but you wonder if it’s actually even possible. You want to believe that the best years of your life are yet to come, but everything feels so uncertain. You took a huge step into the unknown and now you’re wandering around aimlessly, maybe even second guessing your decision, trying to figure out how to navigate this new, unfamiliar place. You’re not sure if you even know who you really are.

I assure you that your amazing future is within reach, and I would be honored to help you get there. It's time to invest in yourself and create the future you deserve.

Meet Angie

Certified Life Coach

Struggling. Trying. Falling. Grieving. Growing. Doubting. Learning. Persevering. Thriving.

These words all describe the journey I've been on. Divorce is no walk in the park! In fact, it's a unique type of death that no one can understand if they haven't been through it. 

I am so relieved and thankful that I am no longer crying every day on the floor of my closet. Now I am in charge of my life, my emotions, my actions, and my results. It is a place of immense freedom, love, and joy. I look forward to walking with you on your own journey to healing and abundant life!

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"Angie is an amazing, thoughtful, kind, and non-judgmental coach. I have gained valuable insight into my thoughts, which create my results. Her coaching has helped me to achieve my goals and live a life not on autopilot but rather one that is authentic, intentional, and deliberate. Thank you, Angie!""A


“This is a great program, and I highly recommend it. It is accessible and works with your schedule and lifestyle. Whenever a problem arises, I know I have a coaching session to help me move through it. I really like how Angie allows you to go where you need to go, but is still focused on the tasks at hand."


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