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Your marriage ended, but your life is not over!

You can love life after divorce!

I know firsthand that life after divorce is scary and it's easy to:

  • feel confused and overwhelmed.

  • worry about your kids.

  • wonder if you'll be alone forever.

I assure you that your amazing future is within reach, and I would be honored to help you get there. It's time to focus on your healing and growth and create the life you deserve.

Are you ready to feel better and move on faster after divorce?

Click the yellow button to get the free roadmap that tells you how.

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"Angie is an amazing, thoughtful, kind, and non-judgmental coach. I have gained valuable insight into my thoughts, which create my results. Her coaching has helped me to achieve my goals and live a life not on autopilot but rather one that is authentic, intentional, and deliberate. Thank you, Angie!""A


“This is a great program, and I highly recommend it. It is accessible and works with your schedule and lifestyle. Whenever a problem arises, I know I have a coaching session to help me move through it. I really like how Angie allows you to go where you need to go, but is still focused on the tasks at hand."


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