Meet Angie

Certified Life Coach

My life didn't go as planned, but I am more peaceful, confident, and joyful than ever before!

I'm a divorced mom of 4 amazing kids. As a stay at home, home schooling mom, I never thought I would be divorced after 17 years of marriage. But I have created a life I love because I love who I am!

I know how it feels when your world falls apart. 

Going through my divorce was hands down the most painful, difficult time of my life. I felt like the world I had meticulously built was crumbling all around me. The anxiety and depression were crippling. I felt so uncertain, confused, alone, and defeated. 

Then, I found life coaching.

Through a friend, I discovered some life coaching podcasts. Having my masters in social work, I was very familiar with therapy, and didn't know what to expect from life coaching. I was amazed by the concepts and practical tools I heard from life coaches. I quickly hired my own coach, and started connecting with myself in a deep way. I discovered inner strength and wisdom that had laid dormant for years. I started feeling confident about finding my way in the world and creating the life I had always wanted. Now, I feel more authentic and grounded than ever before.

I will guide you to abundant life.

It is my honor to help women through one of the darkest times of their lives. I consider it an immense privilege to walk with women like you and guide you through part of your journey at such a pivotal time in your life. After working with me, you will be more grounded, confident, content, and fulfilled. So let's get started and create the abundant life you've always wanted!